Friday, June 18, 2010

SESSION TWO “The Nick of Time”

With things veering toward the nevernever, Hanna, Chris and Derek decide it’s time to get help from the wizards. In the morning they make a call to Nick and Malek and plan to meet that evening at Caz’s.

During the day, Hanna does some researching on Sindri, as well as pulling up whatever she can about the cauldron and the Denarians through her Monoc files.

Scene Change “Caz’s”

While seated at a back table, the three fill in the two wizards on what has transpired so far. Malek and Nick fill in some gaps on the Denarians. Before much else can happen, there’s a light show outside that seems to be coming from somewhere very near to the Center of the Universe (Which happens to be a block or two away).

Caz grumbles something about temporal instabilities before going back to his bartending. Nick and the others decide it’s worth investigating and take a walk to the bridge. They find a large crater in the cement, with slagged concrete and metal (very terminator-like).
Nick sets about trying a spell to tap into the city camera that watches the bridge. He pulls up the footage on his Black”magic”berry, PDA thingy and the group is able to watch the light show again, but it blows out the camera before we can see what emerges from the energy sphere.
Agent Blair is able to find strange scuff and drag marks leading to the bridge edge. As Hanna and Blair are looking over the edge, their startled by a large and grumpy troll. While the troll isn’t anything near friendly, he also doesn’t try to eat anyone. He tells the group that he just saw Nick emerge from the energy and go somewhere below the bridge. He mentions something about mechanical spider thingys.
Malek is able to sense traces of strange magic under the bridge, and using that as a guide, the group moves toward the river a mile or more away.

Scene Change “Down by the River”

Stepping through a bit of broken chain link fence, Nick tries a bit of tracing magic and realizes with a shock that what they’re following has his exact magical signature. It’s at this point that another Nick steps out of his hiding spot and greets the group.
Unlike our Nick, this one is strapped into some kind of Doc Oc-only spidery, contraption. He explains that he is Nick from the future come to warn everyone that the future is extremely ugly, due to the pot reshaping the universe (or somesuch). He explains that it’s crucial that Derek doesn’t visit the church… When we tell him he’s too late and we did that last night, he curses and says then it’s important we watch out for the Witch hunter.
Malek considers busting Nick for breaking an important law of magic, but decides against it.
The once and future Nick disappears. Everyone’s head hurts if they think about what just happened too much.

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